Change is the law of nature.
Aptly, as Darwin proposed the theory of evolution, every aspect of one’s life is evolving. The ‘Guru Kul’ system has evolved greatly to form a tech savvy supportive kind of education in co-ordination with newly evolving techniques and methodologies in the teaching-learning scenario. 
The transition from rote learning to tech-based education is clearly evident. Swanky laptops, CDs, and e-learning are now part of everyday education. 

Technology has brought about a huge transformation in the education system and experts feel, rote learning is likely to diminish in the coming years. A couple of years back, online education was Greek and Latin to most people; today technology has finally arrived with a bang, and everyone has welcomed it. 

While education through TAB ensures that data quality remains the top-most priority, it also facilitates development of content.  Now, the craze has caught on students aiming at cracking competitive exams in the most easiest and effective way possible. 
The introduction of IT will not only aid students but also the faculty, and as a result overall efficiency of the system is bound to improve. 

Anywhere anytime learning is the buzzword. Students these days are adopting mobile phones for the use of surfing or any content related for their study materials. Usage of TAB to work on their syllabus is easier.