FAQ’S & Answers

  1. Is TAB really necessary?
    Yes. It’s a ready reckoner at all times for learning & reinforcement.
  1. Why is it so expensive?
    The cost is a combination of latest Lenovo hardware and exclusive content. The Tab with 32 GB SD card can be used in future and is a cost effective solution.
  1. We have already one tab, is it necessary to have one more tab?
    Yes. The content is embedded in an exclusive application on the Tab which is not available outside. The specifications of Tabs vary from one to another.
  1. Do we provide online test?
    No. The entire set of questions for assessment is offline in the Tab with answers.
  1. Do we provide only the tab content?
    No. The Tab is a combination of Lenovo hardware, Edutor application, content & SD card.
  1. In what way the tab is beneficial?
    Even 2 marks can make a difference of hundreds in CET ranking. This Tab can be the deciding factor for the student as a supplementary asset.
  1. Is it useful for board exam?
    It can be useful for board exam as chapters and concepts remain the same. But the solution is completely mapped to CET/COMEDK exams.
  1. How do you compare your tab with other competitor?
    Deeksha Tab is the only solution in the market customized for CET/COMEDK. Competition content is for IIT JEE level only.
  1. Why is it limited only for CET and COMED-K?
    Because if a student aims to achieve the best rank in CET/COMEDK the preparatory content needs to be exclusively mapped. A single content cannot suffice for all competitive exams as the exam patterns on questions, levels, timings, marks are entirely different.
  1. Do we provide instalment options?
    This is under process and will be available soon.
  1. Do we provide insurance for tab?
    No. The consumer can take insurance from any external source available.
  1. Do we provide parental internet locking system for internet?
    No. But since the Tab is android based the consumer can download the relevant App for Internet locking.
  1. Who designs the content?
    The content is prepared by experienced faculty with academic excellence over the years who form the Knowledge Management team at Deeksha.
  1. Do we provide after sale service?
    Yes we provide Telephonic and email support via a Toll Free Number.
  1. Do we have any inbuilt free apps?
    There are Apps available as a standard OS installation on the Tab from Lenovo.
  1. Do we get separate bill for tab?
    Yes. An e-bill will be sent to the consumer. 
  1. Can the content be viewed by any other systems?
    The SD card cannot be used in other systems and is encrypted. But the Tab can be connected via micro USB to other systems.

  2. Is there any warranty for tab?
    Yes. The Tab comes with 1 year warranty from Lenovo.
  1. Does the tab have USB support?
    Yes. It has micro USB.
  1. What are the accessories provided along with tab?
    The Tab comes with a carry case, 1 set of earphones and charger.

  2. Does the content stay with me life long?
    No. The content comes with an expiry date of 1st July, 2015.

  3. How long will it take deliver my product after the payment is made?
    The product will be mailed to you within 7 days after the amount is realized.