We want the best possible outcome for every student in the competitive exams they face

That is possible only with concise notes, sharp shortcuts, exhaustive set of practice MCQ's  and very relevant mock tests which is captured in the DeeskhaTab.

Will the DeekshaTab give you that extra edge? You cannot afford, not to find out. Read on ...

What we offer

Deeksha is a pioneer in integrated learning methodology and is known in the education field for enabling students to crack the competitive exams. Deeksha develops its own content to prepare for JEE Advanced, JEE Main and CET. The salient features of DeekshaTAB

  1. It is user friendly.

  2. It proves way better than a book as it can connect to the user through lectures being explained by our experts.

  3. It provides simple yet efficient step by step explanations for all the concepts.

  4. Over 9000 examples to enable students to be perfect with the concept.

  5. Explanation of synopsis of each chapter and various shortcuts that help students to save their time while solving most complex and competitive problems.

  6. Chapter wise test to master a student’s thoroughness over each chapter.

  7. The number of mock test papers that will cover all chapters which will definitely help the students to gain confidence with respect to the subject knowledge.

  8. It is similar to a classroom session, but with an exception that student can switch over to any concepts that he/she is not thorough with and can hear it and visualize it as many times as he/she would wish to with the help of audio-visual display.

Enable your skills

The content in DeekshaTAB is highly effective for a student to crack competitive exams. The way, in which the chapters are taught, the question papers prepared are capable enough for a student to be equipped with thoroughness in the subject.

The chapters are taught by faculty who are experts in the subject and are exposed to various difficulty levels. When the course materials are prepared, all aspects like, how the questions would appear in JEE Advanced, JEE Main and CET, and in detail concept knowledge from various reference books is considered. The speakers are experts in competitive exam teaching methodology and help students to solve the most complex problems in the easiest way possible.

Structure of the content

This interactive course material of Physics, Chemistry and Biology is based on latest syllabus and consists of:

The synopsis for each chapter is being explained in detail which gives a student an overview of the concepts in the particular chapter.


Simple yet efficient ways to solve problems are being taught here. There are 10-15 shortcut methods in this segment. The shortcut techniques are usually used in cracking JEE’s, which will now help students to crack CET and COMED-K exams with ease.

Chapter wise test and Group chapter mock tests
There is a chapter wise test once the concept is thoroughly taught to help the students to brush upon their concepts. After every 4 chapter there is Group chapter mock test paper, which comprises concepts of all the four chapters to ensure students keep writing tests and are confident in every step.

Mock papers
After the completion of all chapters there are 2 model question papers from previous years’ exams, which will give a student a wide perspective on the level of difficulty and possible question paper patterns. On the whole there are 10 full length mock tests which a student will take up, which will definitely adequate to get equipped for appearing any competitive exams.

How is the model useful to crack competitive exams?

This is the way to go

At Deeksha, teachers undergo a rigorous training before they begin classroom teaching. The faculty is equipped to solve JEE papers as well as CET and COMED-K question paper patterns.

This content comes with varied shortcut methods used in JEE’s, proven to be time saving techniques, enable students to crack CET or COMED-K easily.

The faculty here have taught and trained thousands of students to crack competitive exams and have a proven record in the state for creating milestones in the recent years’ results. The same teachers teach the concepts through DeekshaTAB, which will in turn help the students outside the state or country to receive the same quality of teaching methodology.

Classroom teaching v/s DeekshaTab
When we look at classroom teaching, there are possibilities of a student is taught certain concepts only once and considering the attention span of a student, it is difficult for a student to go through the concepts again. Step by step process in the TAB allows a student to refer back at any point of time. The quality of faculty and their proven track record in the subject matter, adds value.

Reference books v/s DeekshaTab
If a student refers one or two books per subject, each book will consist of 5 mock test papers and at the end of the chapter 20 questions which sums up to less than 500 questions. In this tab a student gets more than 3000 questions, based on various referred books and more importantly no repetitive questions. In reference books, shortcuts would be provided, but it will be based on experience, it will not be theoretically proven. Unless, someone teaches a student the theoretical background to these shortcuts it doesn’t become easy. Through DeekshaTab, we give you in-depth explanation and theoretical concepts as synopsis.

Dr. Sridhar, Founder of Deeksha Network, talks about DeekshaTAB

Get started!

Experts prefer a student must go through the chapter starting from the synopsis and solve all the example problems and take up the test after the chapter without keeping a time limit. When a student reaches Group chapter mock test, it is recommended that a student solves the paper within a given time. This helps a student to overcome difficulties in managing time during the exam by taking up an actual paper at the end of four chapters instead of each chapter.

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